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[S95] 2023年 11月
✨✨𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓵𝓾𝓷𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓼,✨✨ Minesweeper PB: 1.05 / 9.97 / 39.66 3bv/s PB: 6.23 / 4.68 / 4.22 Nonosweeper PB: 1.686 / 15.667 / 51.56 / 153.698 IOE: 2.2857+1.7636+1.5540 = 5.6033 I've been thinking of quitting minesweeper (more like quitting wom) for a while. I started playing minesweeper February 2022 on this site. I've known about its existence for over a decade now and have always thought of it as the luck-based game that i don't know how to play. I think the lockdown and other things made me try and learn this game. My experience on Wom as a beginner is pretty good. There are a lot of categories to try for which keeps it interesting for players. After playing for a while, most of the categories don't interested me. I also stopped playing events entirely but still participated in some championships. I only care about speed, efficiency, few specific arenas and some niche category that most don't enjoy grinding (Evil NF speed). Around the time I got sub55 on Wom, I tried Arbiter then switch to play speed on Arbiter 1-2 months later. The main reasons I switched are better replay (cursor movement is just better) and more competitive speed ranking. Grinding speed on this is the most physically demanding thing that I've ever played, more than some games that I used to grind like Warframe or Siege but to be fair there are a lot of down time between the clicking in these games and they are more mentally exhausting than physically exhausting. I guessed the simplistic design of minesweeper can make you play for hours, forgetting to take a break. Around May 2023, I started experiencing some issues with my hand and shoulder so I took a break from minesweeper and put my time into nonosweeper and managed to solve genius for the first time! In nonosweeper, the mechanical skills shown by the top players doesn't look straight up inhuman. It is more brain power heavy. Some of EWQ's game such as 116s genius has 1.38 Cl/s and others on LM also have very low Cl/s (it is drag click but still fair). The brain power required to play at that level though is another story. There're also diferent playstyle on expert and genius ranging from flagging only (this require more brain power) to flagging and opening every safe cells (this required more mechanical skills) to choose from. My improvement of the game is pretty good so far. I feel like top 10 spot on LM is doable (Update: it is done, currently 9th). Around August-September 2023, my hands still haven't properly recover. I have to forced myself not to play any minesweeper but still jump in for few hours couple times and got sub40 PB lol. I only open Wom to chat nowadays. I've also been playing less eff due to the break from speed. I can play speed only and not play any eff at all but the other way around is just not fun. I have respect for people who are eff main. Some of you are very passionated about it. I don't think I could like it that much. (I'm very passionate about both minesweeper and nonosweeper speed strategies tho you can dm me about it) Maybe I should try other games while I'm gone. I've been into TMNF trial lately. I have seen a lot contents about this prior to playing. When I actually play it though, man it is difficult. I think I appreciate the difficulty of the maps more now. I've only managed to beat easiest of the easy trials. My goal is to beat a trial on the hard trial list. Or maybe I should be gaming and hanging out with my irl friends more. I'll graduate soon. This is probably the best community that I've ever been a part of. I don't think I've made any online friends before joining here. I've had a lot of fun chatting and participating in the events. Thank you. I'm still waiting for Houseki no kuni vol 2, 3, 6, 7, 11 to be stock in physical stores. Even though it is cheaper to order them online, I still want to go get them from the stores myself.   

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