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Welcome to my profile :D ~ Part 1: Self Introduction + Important Stuff ~ S98 Notice: 1. GUARANTEED COMPLETION: beg/int/exp WS (win streak) beg/int/exp WINS MINECOIN/HP (honour points)/GEMS ALL ARENA CUSTOM If I didn’t complete, I will give out compensation to affected players who sent me the quest upon request, 100mc/level 2. NF (no flags) ❌ EFF (efficiency) ❌ I will DELETE IMMEDIATELY if I receive these, and no compensation will be given 3. For other types of quest, I will only ask for if I wanted. If you send them to me, it may not be completed, and no compensation will be given I’d suggest you to message me first if you really want to send me a quest that is not listed above 4. If you want to trade with/buy quests (I sell at 150mc/level) from me regularly, feel free to send me a message and I’ll consider Thanks and good luck to everyone! Enjoy the event! Tc-43 In case you are wondering who I am, I am Meowrio 😺, leader of Team Cats 😼 #TC. Our mission: Luck, Unity, Power, Meow. If you are in desperate need of cat luck or make some friends, follow us by adding #TC or cat emoji in your *profile description*. Don’t add #TC or cat emoji to your username because it can be spammy in chat, and However (extracted from chat on 4 March 2023), 21:17:13 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:18:27 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:18:30 Mario Pro Gamer: pls 21:18:33 Mario Pro Gamer: i am left. 21:18:51 Mario Pro Gamer: Good. 21:19:18 Mario Pro Gamer: Now top doesn’t share I am Gainz 21:19:28 Mario Pro Gamer: I trust his combination 21:19:31 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:19:34 Mario Pro Gamer: pls. 21:19:55 Mario Pro Gamer: Dude I’m so good 21:20:01 Mario Pro Gamer: Easy clappers 21:20:19 Mario Pro Gamer: Guys this is proof that cat luck works 21:20:23 Mario Pro Gamer: i proved it just now 21:20:29 Mario Pro Gamer: So join TC meow I am field marshal Hi, I am Mario Pro Gamer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel now! Channel link: (My real name is not Mario btw) Check out my Equipment Code Guide! If you liked it, please leave a ❤️. Thank you so much! me when I’m a nerd playing this game VS me when I am big brain: I am currently stocking on gems (haven’t decided which ones to go for). I can do gem trading with values 1:1 (or very close to 1:1). I don’t really want big exchanges, but we can talk about that in private message. Please send exchange offer at, thanks! 😘 Chat page guide video made by MoCol: My little brother’s account, KBoom69420: About myself: he/him A student Uses iPad instead of pc Therefore having enter button issues First person to achieve sub 1 second in Easy NG Founder and leader of TC My famous quotes: “the easier the quest, the harder it is to win, except NG” "every word ending with e has an extra e" “just drag the username e into the message boxo” “it's the game who is stupid, you aren't” “Hihihihihihihi” “meow” “I am eating” “too slow” ~ Part 2: Personal Bests ~ Time PB games just scrrrrrrrrrroll down below 👇 Eff PB games: Beg 225%: Int 171%: Exp 151%: Easy NG 200%: Medium NG 166% (FWR): Hard NG 143% (FWR): Evil NG 132%: 3BV/s PB games: Beg 9.4752 (NF WR): Int 5.6203: Exp 4.7116: Easy NG 8.9910 (WR): Medium NG 5.2966: Hard NG 4.3944: Evil NG 4.2670: ~Part 3: Interesting things that I did ~ Stuff related to ws: Easy NG 300 ws: Easy NG 614 ws: Hard NG 20 ws: Evil NG 56 ws: (My first) Sub ZiNi 2 ws: (My first) >7 3BV/s 2 ws: (Old) 200K (58x58/848, 231 595, 196K after difficulty re-calculation) close attempts: 1. 2. 3. (extremely close) 4. (messed up) Intermediate sub ZiNi: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (-3 fail 😔) 6. (-2!!! 🎉) 7. 8. 9. 10. (-2) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. (Old) Precision with numbers: 1. Beg 3.3333 3BV/s: 2. Beg 9 sec flat, 2.0000 3BV/s with 69% eff (nice): 3. 22.2222 3BV/s: 4. L2 Endurance 69th game 22.222 sec: 5. 3 sec flat, 5.0000 3BV/s: 6. Beg 4.4444 3BV/s: 7. Another 5.0000 3BV/s: 8. Easy NG 4.4444 3BV/s (bad number cuz 4 in Chinese is ‘die’), 0.8888 IOE (good number cuz 8 in Chinese is lucky), 5.0000 CL/s (neutral number), all with precision lol: 9. Easy NG 2.2222 3BV/s: 10. Int 22.222 sec: 11. Died at 1.000 lol: 12. 10.000 sec beginner: 13. 69.696 sec expert: 14. 33.333 sec intermediate: 15. 10.000 sec beginner (2): 16. 77.777 sec expert: Insane and clutch skills: 1. Insane 50/50 skillllllllz (failed one at the end lol): 2. Clutch expert ending (start at 2:40): 3. Sophisticated triple luck (1/8 chance all succeed): 4. Instantaneous zapping click: 5. Instantaneous win: 6. Win with 7 50/50s wtf: 7. Watch the replay: 8. 0.8% blast: 9. Diagonal spam: 10. 7 50/50s, survived 6 and died to the last one: Special and weird tickets and games: 1. 7 in int: 2. 30x24/718 success: 3. Even faster: 4. 6969th beginner win: 5. Double 7 in expert: 6. Get L3 NF ticket while playing L3 NF: 7. Simultaneous tickets (00:28): 8. First 8 after 700 trophies: 9. Long L shape tunnel with L5 ice: 10. 4 cross fail (symmetry fail): 11. Literally 1K diff first attempt: 12. 8 in 100K (failed tho cuz of 50/50): 13. 8 in expert (with double tickets): 14. First click ticket: 15. 8 in 100K (2): 16. First click ticket (2): 17. Two tickets in one game: 18. 8 in evil NG (triple drop lol): 19. 8 in expert again (with triple tickets): 20. 8 in expert (double drop): 21. Two tickets in one game (2): 22. Two tickets in one game (3) (Normal + Flower): 23. Two tickets in one game (4) (Normal + Flower): 24. 6969th intermediate win: 25. Two L6 flower tickets in the same game: 26. L6 ticket in beginner: 27. Three tickets in one game: 28. Three tickets in one game (2): 29. 8 in expert (triple + flower): 30. Funny start and big brain end: 31. Two tickets on the same cell (not 8): 32. Two L2 normal tickets in the same expert game: 33. First click ticket and last click ticket, both being the same type and adjacent to each other: 34. Three golden cells in one expert game: ~ Part 4: Other stuff ~ My hobbies: Minesweeper: a sophisticated sweeper, quite fast, being very nice to others in chat, very chatty, send a lot of messages, somebody thinks I’m annoying (I’m so sorry), gave EWQ 69 coins as gift (nice) Mario: holds what I believe WR score (actually no just kidding) in Super Mario Run Toad Rally, score 1526, it’s so sophisticated, like playing SMB1, speedrun any% pb 6:40 (so slow lol), can’t beat warpless SMB1 f Cubing: a sub 10 cuber (people who solve Rubik’s cube fast), currently averaging around 10 seconds quite consistently, pb 5.557 (sub 6!!!) with OLL skip so insane, method: CFOP, full OLL and PLL, ok F2L and cross, but my TPS really suck (although I am actually practicing and becoming better :) ) Cool video: Joined on 21/09/2021 Thanks for visiting my profile ;)   

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