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hi ============================================================== Spreadsheet which you can use to see the coins/point value of anything from the event shop: (or a shorter link to the spreadsheet: ) Last update - 01.09.2023 [S92, Summer Break] - updated market prices WARNING: not up to date with 01.09.2023 site update! disassembly prices and ticket pack values currently are not accurate! List of (some) community created resources (calculators, lists, modifications etc.) related to this site: (or a shorter link to the list: ) ===================TRADING========================== Equipment: Gems: i like rubies, could exchange my other gems with a similar market price for them 1:1 ==============ABOUT ME (or something)================ Sum of best times: 0.967 (0.526 if we count under 5 3BV) +9.981+31.958=42.906 Sum of best 3BV/s: 8.967+6.747+4.901=20.615 Sum of best efficiency: 200%+155%+140%=495% Sum of best times (NF only): 0.967+13.075+49.286=63.328 Sum of best 3BV/s (NF only): 6.449 (on mobile, my pc pb is at least 6.039, might be higher though)+4.278+3.315=14.042 Sum of best efficiency (NF only): 100%+100%+92%=292% ^ last update 10.10.2022 00:16 My current setup: Mouse: Genesis Krypton 700 until 06.10.2021, Genesis Krypton 770 since then (don't recommend the mouse) DPI: 1600 Zoom: 40 Laptop: some asus laptop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Open cell: left click Chord: left click Flag: right click I've been playing minesweeper every now and then for most of my life but started to play actively here on June 5th 2019. I mainly focus on speed, but I'd say I'm not bad at other aspects of the game too (except NF. NF suckssssssssssss (no actually I suck, NF is cool)). Here is my expert improvement after a year of playing visualised (poorly) - from 2,5 minutes to under a minute: /\ it is only the first year tho, not updating it Expert pb progression: (on this site) (rounded down): 191->134->132->117->111->109->100->86->83->82->78->77->76->75->74->72->70->66->56->53x2->50->49x2->48x2->47x2->45->43->41->39x2->37->31 Some cool stuff: 27 3BV int - 100k difficulty beaten on 6th attempt - 2 different level tickets in one game - 3 different gems in one game - first time beat ZiNi (or first time i noticed it): a 50/50 killing a pb (at the time): too greedy: greed v2: my immortal expert 3bv/s pb (all but top 1 are from 2021) (already beaten but still funny): super lucky game but ending was not cool: triple 7 on expert: 3bv/s made of the funny numbers: 29 3BV int - more under limit int - another episode of 50/50 destroys pb: all numbers from 1 to 8 in a 6x7 box: (from 3 sub 50 expert ws: 4 expert ws with sub50 average time: i lost... but i won: even more under limit int but this time it is quite low: first time i beat ZiNi (or first time i noticed it) but on int: int pb but actually 3bv below limit so no: Achievements: Sub 120 expert: 22 June 2019 ( Sub 110 expert: 27 June 2019 ( Sub 100 (and sub 90) expert: 19 July 2019 ( 1k difficulty: 24 July 2019 ( Sub 80 expert: 26 October 2019 ( Sub 70 expert: 14 December 2019 ( Sub 20 intermediate: 30 December 2019 ( Sub 60 expert: 2 January 2020 ( >3 3BV/s expert: 12 March 2020 ( 100k difficulty: 14 March 2020 ( Sub 50 expert: 20 January 2021 (over a year since sub60 lul) ( Sub 15 intermediate: 27 January 2021 ( 1000 trophies: 24 March 2021 >4 3BV/s expert: 9 April 2021 ( First perfect (sonar): 6 July 2021 Sub 40 expert: 16 August 2021 ( Second perfect (radar): 2 November 2021 Third perfect (torpedoes) - 11 December 2021 Fourth perfect (hull): 30 December 2021 Sub 10 intermediate: 3 April 2022 ( Minesweeper goals for early 2021 didn't go super well, so here are goals for 2021 (they also didn't go that well): - all arenas L8 (8/10 - hardcore ng and nightmare are left) - 1.1k trophies (1089/1100) - expert endurance (attempt 1: 18.03.2021 - 37/100 in 2:16, can't focus on winning, dumb missclicks due to going too fast, 9.5% win rate|attempt 2: 25.03.2021- 1/100 in 0:30, i am so good at this game|(not) attempt 3: 04.11.2021 - 100/100 in 13:59, wasnt going to do endurance but i got so close i decided to keep going, could shave some time because the first few games were very old but wouldnt get sub5 hours anyway because too many random breaks in the middle so i just stopped on the 100th win) - sup20 3bv/s sum (done :o) - sub50 time sum (done :o) Ok so seeing how my goals for early 2021/goals for 2021 didn't do well i will now make goals for 2022: - complete the arena at any level (done) - win 1 expert level game (done) - 1090 trophies (done) - sub30 expert (no) - win 2 beginner level games in a row (done) - earn 7 minecoins in standard mode (done) - win an intermediate level game with an efficiency of 4% or above (done) - actually reach my 2021 goals (no) - find 2 gems in standard mode (done) - win a custom game with a size of 10x10/1 (done, thank you bob for giving me tips how to reach this goal) - win 1 beginner level game with no flags (done) ===========IDK WHAT TO NAME THIS SECTION============= 91.74%/78.23%/40.5% - the real odds of winning a beg/int/exp game at "perfect" play, the solver by MSCoach was updated so the real odds are even higher, but this is still more accurate than the win rate shown when you hover the (i) on a custom game the chances are: Speed - 13%, Endurance - 7%, Nightmare - 3%. Other types - 11% - ticket drop rates for each type, both from games and ticket packs (accurate as of 11.01.2022) (1-p^n)/[(1-p)*(p^n)] - the formula for the expected number of games to reach n winstreak at p win rate ignore: a mix of coins and gems/spare parts/tickets/whatever is ok too, just message me and we can make some deal ===================================================== the end   

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