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シーズン S96:
Recent News: This is my "real" Expert Efficiency record. It is more by ~0.2%p than the trophy qualifying one. So close to getting the Official WoM Discord Channel title "140 int eff" Thanks to all the buyers of my assets and investors of the Bank of #TC. November 22nd 2023 will be a date in history; for my first perfect! [3rd-anniversary competition - preview] Name of competition: The Anti-Series Anti-speed The player with the lowest 3bv/s record wins. However, you must click at least once every 5 seconds. Anti-efficiency The player with the lowest efficiency record wins. However, players are not allowed to waste clicks. Anti-NG The player with the most guesses wins. However, players may only submit one record. a.k.a. user who is the antagonist of NG fans Playing since: December 14th, 2021 [#TC Member] A new player is one of the first players to be in the #TC club, a.k.a. Team Cat since the invention of the group (which was founded 2023 February 4th by Meowrio) and it is now the most famous group in all of We used to add #TC to our username, but GMs thought it was too spammy, so we now add #TC in profile page descriptions. Wet Gato, another proud member of #TC, has also invented a #TC chat on Discord. It also became officially recognised by Meowrio on May 19th, 2023. You can ask me for the invite link if you want to join. Everyone should join :) August 7th, 2023 15:52:24 A new player: Team Cats... your power is absolute. I was about to give up the ticket quest expiring in 10 minutes, and I was thinking this would be my last game before I ended the day. Thanks for helping when all seemed lost. #TC forever! *note: happened twice in a row [Bank of #TC] The official and first (but not the only) bank of Minesweeper got approved for the title of "Bank of #TC" by Royston, on March 27th, 2023 (non-official activity started a lot earlier than that) When investing in Bank of #TC, you can choose between 3 different investment types. 1. Deposits - Put money, take them anytime - Deposits mature (end) after 6 months. - When it matures I send a trade for your money. - You must claim them within 30 days or forfeit. - You can renew them by reinvesting. - The interest rate is 4% per month, compounded monthly. 2. Bonds - Put money, take it later - Bonds mature after 2/6/12 months. - When it matures I send a trade for your money. - You must claim them within 30 days or forfeit. - You can renew them by reinvesting. - The interest rate is 5/6/8% per month, in simple interest. - If you withdraw them before they mature, a penalty of 20% of the total (principle + interest) will be deducted. 3. Monthly savings - Put money regularly, take them in big amounts later - Custom lengths & interest rates. - When it matures I send a trade for your money. - You must claim them within 30 days or forfeit. - You can renew them by reinvesting. - If you withdraw them before they mature, a penalty of 20% of the total (principle + interest) will be deducted. Note: Any investments before August 15th, 2023 are Deposits. [Current investors] Tiggy! 10,000 [August 21st, 2023/Type 2- 6 months] CheesePuffs 70,000 [August 8th/Type 1] Swimispro 189,000 [September 19th/Special 5% 3 months] ???????? 315,000 [September 21st/Special 5% 3 months] Flippa 500,000 [October 16th/Type 2- 12 months] Aethero 500,000 [November 3rd/Type 2- 2 months] Silverbird 200,000 [October 1st/Type 3- 6 months, 100k per month @ 5%] chenzhe leen 525,000[November 8th/Type 1] [Current debtors] Junipurr 3,000 [New rule: All interest is now given at the end of the month. If you invest in the middle of the month, you get partial amounts.] [Novel] It took too much space- you can see here. [Famous quotes] I am A new player. What do you expect? No good is no good, no fun is no fun * There are a few more but I don't use them now [한글 가이드] 장비 가이드 이벤트 가이드 [비공식 가이드] 투기장 가이드 [Friends list] (not in order of preference) Meowrio Wet gato Sweepmining CrystalClear And many more, so much I can't list them all! (RIM) Royston ( (RIM) S. Miklos ( STATISTICS OF A NEW PLAYER ※All dates are based on Korean Standard Time (Indonesian time if it's 2023) Championship wins: S80 Efficiency NF #875 S86 Mastery #861 S88 Efficiency #611 S89 Speed #281 S91 Quests #516 S93 Speed NF #371 S95 HD Density #183 Achievement Unlock Dates 1 achievement left: 50 No Good (I forgot the name): est. 2024 Soldier of Fortune achievement: February 28th 2023 Hero achievement: February 24th 2023 Master achievement: February 2nd 2023 Sniper achievement: November 22nd 2022 VIP achievement: November 7th 2022 Gladiator achievement: September 22nd 2022 Veteran achievement: September 10th 2022 Addict achievement: July 22nd 2022 Eventful achievement: June 30th 2022 Fanatic achievement: June 29th 2022 Guru achievement: June 25th 2022 Enthusiast achievement: April 21st 2022 Survivor achievement: April 1st 2022 Resident achievement: March 22nd 2022 Marathoner achievement: February 9th 2022 Adept Achievement: February 6th 2022 Sage achievement: January 29th 2022 Optimiser achievement: January 10th 2022 Apprentice achievement: December 21st 2021 Rank Unlock Dates Rank Lieutenant General: October 24th 2023 Rank Major General: May 10th 2023 Rank Brigader General: February 28th 2023 Rank Colonel: February 9th 2023 Rank Major: September 25th 2022 Rank Captain: June 23rd 2022 Rank Lieutenant: April 15th 2022 Rank Sergeant: February 6th 2022 Rank Private: January 3rd 2022 Rank Rookie: December 20th 2021 [High difficulty] 42x38/369 1,187 Difficulty Won on the 24th attempt on February 28th 2023 0.5 Hours spent 30x30/225 1,000 Difficulty Won on the 1,028th attempt on April 3rd 2023 13 Hours spent 41x40/381 1,331 Difficulty Won on the 19th attempt on April 8th 2023 [with no hints] 0.7 Hours spent 30x30/234 2,009 difficulty Won on the 1,304th attempt on April 15th 2023 11 Hours spent 50x50/566 2,410 Difficulty Won on the 230th attempt on April 20th 2023 14 Hours spent 39x33/304 1,016 Difficulty Won on the 65th attempt on June 20th 2023 1.1 Hours spent 45x44/450 1,492 Difficulty Won on the 15th attempt on July 9th 2023 0.6 Hours spent 50x50/528 1,006 Difficulty Won on the 27th attempt on August 21st 2023 0.6 Hours spent 40x40/400 5,498 difficulty Won on the 115th attempt on September 28th 2023 4.1 hours spent 39x30/280 1,004 Difficulty Won on the 74th attempt on October 9th 2023 1.2 hours spent 50x50/602 10,346 Difficulty Won on the 34th attempt on October 19th 2023 0.8 hours spent 40x37/356 1,812 Difficulty Won on the 35th attempt on November 24th 2023 0.6 hours spent 30x30/234 (2nd win) 2,009 difficulty Won on the 306th attempt on November 25th 2023 3 Hours spent (I think I should make a spreadsheet gallery for HD soon) [A new player's game museum] [#10^? won Games] Game Genesis (My first won game): 10th game: 100th game: 1,000th game: 10,000th game: [Interesting Tickets] [FEATURED ARTICLE] Guess the cell that gave the ticket: [FEATURED ARTICLE] Double tickets in one game: [FEATURED ARTICLE] First click L8 Ticket (also the first L8 ticket of my career): [FEATURED ARTICLE] 2 L7 Tickets in 7 seconds (a.k.a. Seven Levien will love it) 28 May, 11:17:02 He's a baby: A new player If my calculations are correct, the chances of both of those 7s being tickets are 1/1765. And that's not even considering the odds of finding two 7s in 7 seconds. If I had to guess I'd say odds are at least 1 in 100,000. Maybe 1 in a million. Farewell Gift: Farewell Gift II: Farewell gift III: Farewell gift IV: Farewell gift V: A gift to start the game: A gift to start the game II: A gift to start the game III: Semi-Double consecutive ticket winnings (see games #1 and #3): If only I had 99 more trophies: Beginner L6 ticket: [Lucky number 8s] In order of occurrence Total cases: 6 Total tickets (excluding the event tickets): 11 Total event tickets: 1 [Arena] [FEATURED ARTICLE] Two Jades with One Game (for different reasons): "12% Winrate": L1HD arena in exactly 100 seconds: 7 in the special arena: [Cursed arenas] Cursed Endurance Arena (101/100) (Also see: game #60,61): Cursed Hardcore Arena (6/5): [Strange gems] [FEATURED ARTICLE] Consecutive amethysts (See game #13, #14): 2 Intermediate Win Streak Amethyst (Also new efficiency record): 2 Beginner Win Streak Amethyst: Another 2 Beginner Win Streak Amethyst: [Other] [FEATURED ARTICLE] The Chinese character "六" (bottom left): [FEATURED ARTICLE] When I was doing the weekly skull project (Week 3): [FEATURED ARTICLE] "I'll fix your mistake" (I miss-flagged and did a chord but an opening removed that flag and opened the cell and the mine next to it, making it a win AND a loss (I finished the game, which is a win and opened a mine, which is a loss, at the same time), but I won rewards: [FEATURED ARTICLE] 3s: "Loser!" Middle finger sign (top left): Ridiculous opening guess (beginner): So many 4s!: That's frustrating: Number Confetti: 17% beginner eff with no wasted clicks (a.k.a. Anti-efficiency): A Super lucky ending even though I didn't do the best guesses: Big flag: New eff (161) and 3bv/s (4.4) pb: Diagonal 444:   

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