Aiuto Ranks (en)

Rank represents the player's position within the hierarchy of players. The higher the rank, the higher arena tickets the player can find, and the higher quests the player can receive. To get a new rank you have to earn a certain amount of trophies:

1SoldatoL1L11 399 438
100CaporaleL1-2L1-298 982
200SergenteL1-3L2-318 588
300MarescialloL1-4L2-44 401
400CapitanoL1-5L3-51 939
500MaggioreL1-6L3-61 127
700Brigadier GeneraleL1-8L4-8501
800Maggior GeneraleL5-9248
900Tenente GeneraleL5-1073
1000Generale dell'esercitoL6-1129
1100Maresciallo di campoL6-125