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Sweep me off my feet. 🧹 ____________________________________ Bookmaking, odds & gambling! ♠♥♦♣ "I'll play any man from any land, in any game that he can name, for any amount that I can count!" ← Now that may be a bit of an overstatement, but if you feel like doing a bet on an outcome on this site - who'll be on the top of this season's leaderboard, will the intermediate efficiency world record be broken within the next month, or anything else? Hit me up and let's find out if we can do a wager! I love the thrill and any agreed bet will be put in this profile info. ____________________________________ Zairak ( has wagered 10,000 minecoins that a player will reach a 93 Intermediate Mastery before 2023 Minesweeper Online time. Neutral ( has wagered 10,000 minecoins that a board with a difficulty of 1.400.000 or higher will be completed before the start of 2023 Minesweeper Online time. ____________________________________ These are a few of my favorite things: Drumming, badminton, table tennis, astronomy, Guitar Hero, Ogame, word games, Typeracer and good old fashioned books! ____________________________________ My goal for 2022: Complete 10 Expert No Flag games with a 3bv/s >1.50 ____________________________________ Sometimes you do a missclick that results in a blast - which sucks! Whereas once in a while you manage to not only left-click by mistake but simultaneously hit the wrong tile - the double-whammy, you might say. Your cat-like reflexes instantly shoot the usual grumpy feelings at your brain, because we all know no mistakes go unpunished... But this time, Lady Luck is on your side, and you realize the mistakenly opened tile was in fact not a mine.. Phew, what a surprising delight! That is one of my favorite feelings in this game. ____________________________________ "The fear of decibel" ⚠ - a short tale: "My sworn duty is to sweep the mines in the wilderness of far-away lands. The weaponry of my boot-wearing comrades will be rendered useless the moment we wander upon an unswept vessel of explosives; thus my vigilance. In this line of work you either do your job correctly, or you stop doing it at all. As we nudge forward, the clearing of the surrounding forest finally seem near. More branches in the ground are broken and leaves have been stepped into the mud under our feet. It is a blessing in disguise, since the signs of soldiers having walked the territory increases the potential of danger planted beneath us. The hopeful mood of my unit behind me is well-founded. They know about the abandoned stronghold nearby which will provide us with safety for the night. Their cheering, however, is lost on me. I am the only one who has seen the battery indicator running dangerously low on my sweeping rod. It is a race against time. As we finally exit the woods, the tragedy sets in. The fortress is surrounded by a wall as tall as the trees behind us. We are stranded at the back of this enormous castle with more than a mile to the front gate and my equipment for detecting mines is now out of operation. We have to either go left or right around the protected building to the entrance and my responsibility is to surmise which path is more safe from underground mines. Walking right and going around the castle away from the clearing of the forest would have given the guard of the now unmanned watchtower a great view of the barren land and therefore plenty of time to alert his staff of potential intruders. The need for mines would not be obvious in that area. Looking at the left-path way, the wall is only a foot away from the trees in the forest edge. Mines dug there seems an equally unlikely threat - not only would the wildlife from the woods accidentally set off the occasional mine, but the wall could take severe damage from the blast. We have to move around one way or the other... Darn it, it's a 50/50." ____________________________________ If you're a beginner on this site, feel free to contact me, I will send you a welcome gift to give you a boost 💰 ____________________________________ I bid you a good day with a short story about how I came to play the 1,000,000th arena. It started with hcthepro ( and I chatting on Discord about the fact that Minesweeper Online had reached 1 billion games played in total. That was the segway into discovering that the site was only 200 arenas away from the first million played. Hc disclaimed wanting to snipe and play the millionth ticket, but due to his school-PC touchpad not working properly, we agreed I should attempt to play the arena instead of him. I closed down all applications on my PC except for Google Chrome with two tabs; one tab for continuous updating to monitor when the 999,999th arena had begun, and another tab having the confirmation window of an arena open. The "Start Arena" button was in focus, so I just had to hit the Enter key to start the attempt, and voilà, the one millionth arena was in the bag, only a single second later than the 999,999th arena was started. Honorable mentions in this story are janitor2 (, gramana ( and Mario Pro Gamer ( all of whom had an arena started within two seconds after mine. Cheers, lads. A shoutout to Hc for sacrificing no less than 26 Level 2 arena tickets to speed up the process and add a tiny bit of confusion into the mix 😉 Sweet and simple! To round things off suitably, here's the single link of documentation necessary: Happy sweeping! ____________________________________ //Mads ☮   

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