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April 2021
i used to be tilted but now i am not tilted Spreadsheet which you can use to see the coins/currency value of anything from the event shop (if the shop is the same every event): (updated 29.03.2021) ===================TRADING========================== Looking for a 20/20/20/20 radar with no experience bonus, if you find one in store or have one for sale let me know :D Equipment: Feel free to message me if you'd like the prices lowered or if you're saving up coins to buy it from me and don't want to get sniped. Links: Gems: not collecting any atm Arena tickets (normal): Selling some every now and then. Contact me if you want the prices lowered. Links: too many links for me to bother copying them ==============ABOUT ME (or something)================ Sum of best times: 0.979+13.835+48.203=63.017 Sum of best 3BV/s: 6.374+4.722+3.544=14.640 Sum of best efficiency: 175%+148%+125%=448% Sum of best times (NF only): 0.979+17.146+71.641=89.766 Sum of best 3BV/s (NF only): 4.642+3.134+2.359=10.135 Sum of best efficiency (NF only): 100%+98%+89%=287% ^ last update 11.04.2021 My current setup: Mouse: Genesis Krypton 700 DPI: 1200 Zoom: 32 Laptop: some asus laptop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Open cell: left click Chord: left click Flag: right click I've been playing minesweeper every now and then for most of my life but started to play actively here on June 5th 2019. I mainly focus on speed, but I'd say I'm not bad at other aspects of the game too (except NF. NF suckssssssssssss (no actually I suck, NF is cool)). Here is my expert improvement after a year of playing visualised (poorly) - from 2,5 minutes to under a minute: /\ not updated since summer 2020 Expert pb progression: (on this site): 191->134->132->117->111->100->86->83->82->78->77->76->75->74->72->70->66->56->53x2->50->49x2->48x2 Some cool stuff: 27 3BV int - 100k difficulty beaten on 6th attempt - Probably my highest 3BV/s on any board I played (not counting games achieved by spamming left click/cheesing) - (6x6/6 7.04 3BV/s) 2 different level tickets in one game - 3 different gems in one game - first time beat ZiNi (or first time i noticed it): a dumbass killing a 3bv/s pb: and and a 50/50 killing a pb: too greedy: greed v2: my immortal expert 3bv/s pb (all but top 1 are from 2021) (already beaten but still funny): Achievements: Sub 120 expert: 22 June 2019 ( Sub 100 expert: 19 July 2019 ( 1k difficulty: 24 July 2019 ( Sub 80 expert: 26 October 2019 ( Sub 70 expert: 14 December 2019 ( Sub 20 intermediate: 30 December 2019 ( Sub 60 expert: 2 January 2020 ( >3 3BV/s expert: 12 March 2020 ( 100k difficulty: 14 March 2020 ( Sub 50 expert: 20 January 2021 (over a year since sub60 lul) ( Sub 15 intermediate: 27 January 2021 ( 1000 trophies: 24 March 2021 >4 3BV/s expert: 9 April 2021 ( Minesweeper goals for early 2021 didn't go super well, so here are goals for 2021: - all arenas L8 (5/10) - 1.1k trophies (1012/1100) - expert endurance (attempt 1: 18.03.2021 - 37/100 in 2:16, can't focus on winning, dumb missclicks due to going too fast, 9.5% win rate|attempt 2: 25.03.2021- 1/100 in 0:30, i am so good at this game) - sup16 3bv/s sum - sub60 time sum ======================Ignore this======================= - 10% wr max size for my zoom to play without scrolling - cool board to go fast on 91.74%/78.23%/40.5% The formula for win streaks is (1-p^n)/[(1-p)*(p^n)] ===================================================== the end   

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