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Cool vid check it out Promise this one's different Made my profile inside my profile because 100 people saw my prof & probably 10-ish of them had themselves "quite a view" hehe Hey there, I'm Silverbird, it's good to see all of you visiting my profile! Expert ws & high dff lover, being interested in eff, being de-interested in arena, not an NG fan, LOATH NF it sucks bruh Currently being smacked by that 100k oof :/ FINALLY SMACKED THAT 100K YEAH smacked on 4/22/2023 <-- SOOOOOOO GOOD Off on d-28 days and onward from school exam... maybe not? Having a very good and very bad season with that expert streak and 50:50 (occasionally 67:33) Expert mastery climbing has come to a halt with me blowing corners for 10 consecutive games lol Dearly willing for a perfect, 3-4 100k games & a good championship would do it but bruh Paid ZERO money to this game, don’t do that yourself cause this game’s P2L lol That's almost it I guess, have fun playing, blow some mines, solve some games, see ya all :D Creating a translation of a guide/가이드 번역본 뚝딱뚝딱 만드는중 <--------------- Finished on 2023/4/24 (혹시 보기모드가 아닌 수정모드로 뜬다면 바로 연락주세요 호오오옥시 잘못해서 삭제될수도 있으니까요) --------------------------------Some economic talks------------------------------- (Sorry for mobile viewers, I too often use my phone but when this kind of thing happens it does suck. Sorry once again.) WTS equipments: - A Perfect Unique equipment - Perfect in coins, gems and event pts. It also has Onyx as its boost gem! If you're a high difficulty hunter, this would definitely help you. - Locked in my store, could redeem it anytime you want to buy it. Offered at 135k coins, negotiation available & wide variety of payment available just throw me a pm :) Loans always available Adding more information to that too-simpleton quote. Just a little bit of my personal opinion added, I'm not much in favor of those "banks" and stuffs that are going on these days. It seems that some people are just trying to maximize their profit by making a huge debt and buying legendary gears that normally should be out of their reach considering their proficiency in minesweeper. It seems to me as this game is becoming more like some Wall Street madness rather than a speed (and also many other gameplay styles) competition. Therefore, I will NEVER lend you a loan if your motive is to buy an 80% legendary when you have 600 trophies (This is only an example, the situation is not limited and I have complete rights to judge them). This is only for people who are barely short of their coins to get one. I STRICTLY DO NOT believe it as a fair situation when one has a full 70% set while the other still owns an exp-rich 52% avg set. If you are 500 trophies and you were about to ask me for 100k, don't even send me dms cause I'll instantly delete them and put you in my blacklist. Please do not judge me with that terribly long opinions. Loan amount is not limited. If you need 500k, and you're in the rightful situation, I am more than willing to help. I'll even sell my gems and tickets to give you a loan. If you are in dire need of money, please please just drop me a dm. As I said, I'll be happy to help :D I offer two kinds of loan, this is very important. First, I offer a loan same with the general meaning it implies. Free-to-use coins right in your account. However, it has 3% I/R per 4 weeks. I have set it to 4 weeks because it's unfair for all people to pay at the same pre-scheduled time, as some cannot use full time of the provided money. (Some ask whether it's simple or compound, so all loans are in simple there you go) Second, I offer equipment loan. This is FREE OF INTEREST but it requires one condition that you are obliged to buy MY EQUIPMENT. You have to tell me in advance which equipmemt you will buy from me, so that I can be assured that you aren't violating my rules. Feats without order, I may or may not make them neat Intermediate Eff above 110%: 5/12 Intermediate Eff above 100%: 2021/12/21 Expert Eff over 80%: 5/14 Beginner Eff over 150%: 5/15 Expert 3BV/s above 1: 5/28 Trophies top 10000: 5/28 Intermediate 3BV/s above 2: 5/29 Two events in one game for the first time: 6/11 Intermediate 3BV/s above 2: 6/12 Promoted to Major: 6/14 First Unique equipment: 6/14 Two/three/four/five gems in one game for the first time: 6/15 Trophies top 8000/7000/6000/5000: 6/15 First L4 arena ticket found in board: 6/19 Expert efficiency above 100%: 6/26 Expert efficiency above 110%: 6/28 Expert mastery above 10: 6/30 Trophies top 3000: 6/30 Expert time below 110: 2022/7/2 Beginner 3BV/S above 3: 7/8 Expert 3BV/S above 1.8: 2023/1/7 Intermediate 3BV/S above 2.2: 2/8 Promoted to brigadier general: 2023/2/8 Intermediate endurance achieved: Expert mastery PB (and it broke for a number of consecutive times): First sub 1000th placed individual gameplay ranking of expert mastery: 2023/2/26 Expert 3BV/s above 1.9: 2023/3/2 Intermediate 3BV/s above 2.4: 2023/3/3 February mastery championship: once-55th place, Final result 87th 298th ranked in S82 (Feb 2023) Trophies top 2000: 3/4 First over 100 individual gameplay trophies in "equipment": 3/4 10k win: Promoted to Major General: 3/4 Second sub 1000th placed individual gameplay ranking of "win streak": 3/4 Second over 100 individual gameplay trophies in "win streak": 3/4 First perfect spotted in equipment store: 3/5 Expert 3BV/s above 2: 3/16 First sub 130 3BV expert game: Beginner 3BV/s above 4: 3/22 Exp 2mil: 3/22 Third over 100 individual gameplay trophies in "experience": 3/22 850 trophies: 4/11 Expert sub80: 4/14 solved a 100k difficulty for the first time: 4/22 first <100 gems in a single game: 4/22 first <100k coins in a single game: 4/22 First <500 event points in a single game: 4/22 Promoted to Lieutenant General (And the last <50 trophies in a single game ever to score in this account): 4/22 Fourth over 100 individual gameplay trophies in "Difficulty": 4/22 Third sub 1000th placed individual gameplay ranking of Difficulty: 4/22 First sub 500th placed individual gameplay ranking of Difficulty: 4/22 First sub 250th placed individual gameplay ranking of Difficulty: 4/22 First maxed trophies in "Difficulty": 4/22 First buyable Legendary equipment from the equipment shop: 4/26 Fanatic achievement finally claimed (Didn't wanted to do it for some reason that I don't know myself): 2023/4/30 Fifth above 100 individual gameplay trophies in “achievement”: 2023/4/30 Exp 3mil: 5/3 First over 120 trophies in the individual gameplay trophies of "Equipment": 5/4 second below 500 individual gameplay ranking of "Equipment": 5/4 Trophies Top 500: 5/4 Expert 3BV/s above 2.2: 5/10 sixth above 100 individual gameplay trophies in "mastery": 5/13 second below 500 individual gameplay ranking in "Mastery": 5/13 second above 110 individual gameplay trophies in "win streak": 5/25 first below 200 individual gameplay ranking in "win streak": 5/25 Few Noteworthy games A random 6: First 1000 above diff (also achievements and lots of rewards): Legendary beginner winstreak: 6/16 Birth of a legend: Completed quest but decided to do some "more": Me getting scared: Achieved 50 win streak: Promoted to Colonel: It ended like this: What is this void: Four 50/50: First L4 arena ticket found in board: I don't like this: Don't like this too: Idk why but kinda satisfied: Expert efficiency above 100%: Expert efficiency above 110%: Expert mastery above 10: Another dff above 1000: -------------2023--------------- Third dff above 1000: umm What is this void 2: GG: Beginner PB: No one likes RNG: Interesting 33%: Fourth difficulty above 1000: End of intermediate endurance: Super Luck: First 100k attempt: First L5 arena ticket found in board: Expert 4 winstreak: Expert PB: Expert 5 winstreak: Completed the quest but decided to do some "bit" more: Which gg'ed immediately lol: Slowly accumulating trophies through expert mastery: Three kinds of event points: First L7 ticket found in board: Hmm: Close but GG First (I had two before but too lazy to search the piles of games lol) L8 ticket found in board: Life is unfair Life is SO UNFAIR Legendary expert winstreak (about 500 shards and 22 amethyst total!): First 10+ gems in one game: What is this void 3: Coolest finish ever: Heart it: Quite a view: Super luck AGAIN: 1 First L6 arena ticket found in board: Kind of super luck? This is IT Openings Cool-looking patterns Another rather tedious mastery climbing: HUGE HUGE opening, though I sucked I (finally) decided to organize (a tiny tiny bit) things High lv arena ticket (my definition is above L4) Seasonal rankings Season: Trophies/Event/Championship S86: 88th/330th/382th First Perfect: 2023/4/30 (With many help from Ko Yeong-Ju thank you!) I said it was different   

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