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14 431 179⭐  3 868🌟
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27 190
Season S93:
Part 1: Introduction Halló. I'm some lad who has a very high mastery for some reason and a pretty high endurance because end my suffering I probably won’t be super active in October, since there will be a lot going on in my life. I have several band concerts and marching band competitions, among other things. Plus, a break from constant activity will be nice. I’ll still play this game, but treat it like a fun side activity than a big hobby. I will likely be more active in November. DISCLAIMER: I am currently in the U.S, but will be returning to my home in Iceland at the end of the year. Part 2: Info Started 3/29/2022 Left late June 2022 Returned late March 2023 (Been active ~8 months) Top 1000 reached 4/21/23 900 trophies reached 4/30/23 Top 500 reached 5/7/23 1000 trophies reached 5/21/23 Top 200 reached 6/14/23 1050 trophies reached 7/21/23 Top 150 reached 7/21/23 First perfect 6/27/23 Second perfect 7/31/23 Country ranking: #1 🇮🇸 Highest season ranking: #5, 974 trophies (S89) Highest event ranking: #34, 14946 flowers (S89 Flower Festival) Highest champ ranking: #45, score 2136 (S92 NG Efficiency Championship) Proud member of #TC (team cat) I'm in the small carnivorous mammal team partly because I like cats, partly because my own small carnivorous mammal always seems to be present during my luckiest events, such as my highest mastery and difficulty (clearly there’s a connection there) and partly because there’s lots of very cool people in this team. Part 3: Personal Bests 3bv/s PBs Beginner (4.77) Intermediate (3.52) Expert (2.89) Eff PBs Beginner (190%) Intermediate (151%) Expert (132%) Sad thing is it would’ve been 136% but it happened on my phone and I can’t consistently play on the tiny screen without wasting clicks Easy NG (177%) Medium NG (154%) Hard NG (130%) Evil NG (121%) ZiNi related stuff Beginner 2 consecutive Sub ZiNis Int ZiNi tie (136%) Also my beg and easy eff PBs are both sub ZiNi nice Endurance PBs (all hintless lol) Beg: 14m57s Int: 59m43s Exp: 4h47m Trying to cleanse my PBs of hints Difficulty and expert mastery left Best hintless exp mastery: 36 Highest hintless difficulty: 10k Part 4: Goals September goals Top 100 trophies? Or at least close? Sub 60 expert time (DONE!) 14M experience Fourth perfect 40 expert mastery (hintless) 7 expert win streak (hintless) 77 arena points (done!) 26k wins (done!) Part 5: Big numbers 8s in expert (Rank too low for ticket) (In a 50/50) 7s in intermediate (In a 50/50) (In a double 50/50) (Every number from 0-7 in a 4x4 area) 6s in beginner (Double 50/50 again) (Only 1 hour after the previous one lol) Part 6: Interesting games Completed 80% of a 50M difficulty board A L1 flower arena harder than a L2 flower arena The 5 cluster The 6 cluster Triple 3-6-4? Eights in beginner A pretty rewarding beginner game I hated this season quest Not sure what happened here... The holy trinity 1 (small) board, 3 tickets (L1, L2, L3) L5 and L6 ticket in 1 expert game Luck En leiðinlegt (What a pity) A rather long minecount Big 50/50 chain Terrifying ending of my completed 20k difficulty board Terrifying ending of my completed 100k difficulty board Part 7: Every possible custom board with width/height up to 6 progress 1x2/1: 1x3/1: 1x3/2: 1x4/1: 1x4/2: 1x4/3: 1x5/1: 1x5/2: 1x5/3: 1x5/4: 1x6/1: 1x6/2: 1x6/3: 1x6/4: 1x6/5: 2x1/1: 2x2/1: 2x2/2: 2x2/3: 2x3/1: 2x3/2: 2x3/3: 2x3/4: 2x3/5: 2x4/1: 2x4/2: 2x4/3: 2x4/4: 2x4/5: 2x4/6: 2x4/7: 2x5/1: 2x5/2: 2x5/3: 2x5/4: 2x5/5: 2x5/6: 2x5/7: 2x5/8: 2x5/9: 2x6/1: 2x6/2: 2x6/3: 2x6/4: 2x6/5: 2x6/6: 2x6/7: 2x6/8: 2x6/9: 2x6/10: 2x6/11: 3x1/1: 3x1/2: 3x2/1: 3x2/2: 3x2/3: 3x2/4: 3x2/5: 3x3/1: 3x3/2: 3x3/3: 3x3/4: 3x3/5: 3x3/6: 3x3/7: 3x3/8: 3x4/1: 3x4/2: 3x4/3: 3x4/4: 3x4/5: 3x4/6: 3x4/7: 3x4/8: 3x4/9: 3x4/10: 3x4/11: 3x5/1: 3x5/2: 3x5/3: 3x5/4: 3x5/5: 3x5/6: 3x5/7: 3x5/8: 3x5/9: 3x5/10: 3x5/11: 3x5/12: 3x5/13: 3x5/14: 3x6/1: 3x6/2: 3x6/3: 3x6/4: 3x6/5: 3x6/6: 3x6/7: 3x6/8: 3x6/9: 3x6/10: 3x6/11: 3x6/12: 3x6/13: 3x6/14: 3x6/15: 3x6/16: 3x6/17 : 4x1/1: 4x1/2: 4x1/3: 4x2/1: 4x2/2: 4x2/3: 4x2/4: 4x2/5: 4x2/6: 4x2/7: 4x3/1: 4x3/2: 4x3/3: 4x3/4: 4x3/5: 4x3/6: 4x3/7: 4x3/8: 4x3/9: 4x3/10: 4x3/11: 4x4/1: 4x4/2: 4x4/3: 4x4/4: 4x4/5: 4x4/6: 4x4/7: 4x4/8: 4x4/9: 4x4/10: 4x4/11: 4x4/12: 4x4/13: 4x4/14: 4x4/15: 4x5/1: 4x5/2: 4x5/3: 4x5/4: 4x5/5: 4x5/6: 4x5/7: 4x5/8: 4x5/9: 4x5/10: 4x5/11: 4x5/12: 4x5/13: 4x5/14: 4x5/15: 4x5/16: 4x5/17: 4x5/18: 4x5/19: 4x6/1: 4x6/2: 4x6/3: 4x6/4: 4x6/5: 4x6/6: 4x6/7: 4x6/8: 4x6/9: 4x6/10: 4x6/11: 4x6/12: 4x6/13: 4x6/14: 4x6/15: 4x6/16: 4x6/17: 4x6/18: 4x6/19: 4x6/20: 4x6/21: 4x6/22: 4x6/23: 5x1/1: 5x1/2: 5x1/3: 5x1/4: 5x2/1: 5x2/2: 5x2/3: 5x2/4: 5x2/5: 5x2/6: 5x2/7: 5x2/8: 5x2/9: 5x3/1: 5x3/2: 5x3/3: 5x3/4: 5x3/5: 5x3/6: 5x3/7: 5x3/8: 5x3/9: 5x3/10: 5x3/11: 5x3/12: 5x3/13: 5x3/14: 5x4/1: 5x4/2: 5x4/3: 5x4/4: 5x4/5: 5x4/6: 5x4/7: 5x4/8: 5x4/9: 5x4/10: 5x4/11: 5x4/12: 5x4/13: 5x4/14: 5x4/15: 5x4/16: 5x4/17: 5x4/18: 5x4/19: 5x5/1: 5x5/2: 5x5/3: 5x5/4: 5x5/5: 5x5/6: 5x5/7: 5x5/8: 5x5/9: 5x5/10: 5x5/11: 5x5/12: 5x5/13: 5x5/14: 5x5/15: 5x5/16: 5x5/17: 5x5/18: 5x5/19: 5x5/20: 5x5/21: 5x5/22: 5x5/23: 5x5/24: 5x6/1: 5x6/2: 5x6/3: 5x6/4: 5x6/5: 5x6/6: 5x6/7: 5x6/8: 5x6/9: 5x6/10: 5x6/11: 5x6/12: 5x6/13: 5x6/14: 5x6/15: 5x6/16: 5x6/17: 5x6/18: 5x6/19: 5x6/20: 5x6/21: 5x6/22: 5x6/23: 5x6/24: 5x6/25: 5x6/26: 5x6/27: 5x6/28: 5x6/29: 6x1/1: 6x1/2: 6x1/3: 6x1/4: 6x1/5: 6x2/1: 6x2/2: 6x2/3: 6x2/4: 6x2/5: 6x2/6: 6x2/7: 6x2/8: 6x2/9: 6x2/10: 6x2/11: 6x3/1: 6x3/2: 6x3/3: 6x3/4: 6x3/5: 6x3/6: 6x3/7: 6x3/8: 6x3/9: 6x3/10: 6x3/11: 6x3/12: 6x3/13: 6x3/14: 6x3/15: 6x3/16: 6x3/17: 6x4/1: 6x4/2: 6x4/3: 6x4/4: 6x4/5: 6x4/6: 6x4/7: 6x4/8: 6x4/9: 6x4/10: 6x4/11: 6x4/12: 6x4/13: 6x4/14: 6x4/15: 6x4/16: 6x4/17: 6x4/18: 6x4/19: 6x4/20: 6x4/21: 6x4/22: 6x4/23: 6x5/1: 6x5/2: 6x5/3: 6x5/4: 6x5/5: 6x5/6: 6x5/7: 6x5/8: 6x5/9: 6x5/10: 6x5/11: 6x5/12: 6x5/13: 6x5/14: 6x5/15: 6x5/16: 6x5/17: 6x5/18: 6x5/19: 6x5/20: 6x5/21: 6x5/22: 6x5/23: 6x5/24: 6x5/25: 6x5/26: 6x5/27: 6x5/28: 6x5/29: 6x6/1: 6x6/2: 6x6/3: 6x6/4: 6x6/5: 6x6/6: 6x6/7: 6x6/8: 6x6/9: 6x6/10: 6x6/11: 6x6/12: 6x6/13: 6x6/14: 6x6/15: 6x6/16: 6x6/17: 6x6/18: 6x6/19: 6x6/20: 6x6/21: 6x6/22: 6x6/23: 6x6/24: 6x6/25: 6x6/26: 6x6/27: 6x6/28: 6x6/29: 6x6/30: 6x6/31: 6x6/32: 6x6/33: 6x6/34: 6x6/35:   

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