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Welcome to my profile :D ~ Part 1: Self Introduction + Important Stuff ~ I am coming back, beg WR 0.244 is nothing! #TC thrives! 😼 S94: Thank you everyone who contributed their event quests to me throughout this month! Not taking any more quests now 1155002818 Cashew Wai Ho Leung franks and beans NeedLess Chunky CrazyWong michael.c Ander1x sky high Wet Gato and everybody else! :) Tc-43 In case you are wondering who I am, I am Meowrio 😺, leader of Team Cats 😼 #TC. Our mission: Luck, Unity, Power, Meow. If you are in desperate need of cat luck or make some friends, follow us by adding #TC or cat emoji in your *profile description*. Don’t add #TC or cat emoji to your username because it can be spammy in chat, and However (extracted from chat on 4 March 2023), 21:17:13 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:18:27 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:18:30 Mario Pro Gamer: pls 21:18:33 Mario Pro Gamer: i am left. 21:18:51 Mario Pro Gamer: Good. 21:19:18 Mario Pro Gamer: Now top doesn’t share I am Gainz 21:19:28 Mario Pro Gamer: I trust his combination 21:19:31 Mario Pro Gamer: 21:19:34 Mario Pro Gamer: pls. 21:19:55 Mario Pro Gamer: Dude I’m so good 21:20:01 Mario Pro Gamer: Easy clappers 21:20:19 Mario Pro Gamer: Guys this is proof that cat luck works 21:20:23 Mario Pro Gamer: i proved it just now 21:20:29 Mario Pro Gamer: So join TC meow I am field marshal Hi, I am Mario Pro Gamer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel now! Channel link: (My real name is not Mario btw) Check out my Equipment Code Guide! If you liked it, please leave a ❤️. Thank you so much! me when I’m a nerd playing this game VS me when I am big brain: I am currently stocking on gems (haven’t decided which ones to go for). I can do gem trading with values 1:1 (or very close to 1:1). I don’t really want big exchanges, but we can talk about that in private message. Please send exchange offer at, thanks! 😘 Chat page guide video made by MoCol: My little brother’s account, KBoom69420: About myself: he/him A student Uses iPad instead of pc Therefore having enter button issues First person to achieve sub 1 second in Easy NG Founder and leader of TC My famous quotes: “the easier the quest, the harder it is to win, except NG” "every word ending with e has an extra e" “just drag the username e into the message boxo” “it's the game who is stupid, you aren't” “Hihihihihihihi” “meow” “I am eating” “too slow” ~ Part 2: Personal Bests ~ Time PB games just scrrrrrrrrrroll down below 👇 Eff PB games: Beg 225%: Int 171%: Exp 151%: Easy NG 200%: Medium NG 166% (FWR): Hard NG 143% (FWR): Evil NG 132%: 3BV/s PB games: Beg 9.4752 (NF WR): Int 5.6203: Exp 4.7116: Easy NG 8.9910 (WR): Medium NG 5.2966: Hard NG 4.3944: Evil NG 4.2670: ~Part 3: Interesting things that I did ~ Stuff related to ws: Easy NG 300 ws: Easy NG 614 ws: Hard NG 20 ws: Evil NG 56 ws: (My first) Sub ZiNi 2 ws: (My first) >7 3BV/s 2 ws: (Old) 200K (58x58/848, 231 595, 196K after difficulty re-calculation) close attempts: 1. 2. 3. (extremely close) 4. (messed up) Intermediate sub ZiNi: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (-3 fail 😔) 6. (-2!!! 🎉) 7. 8. 9. 10. (-2) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. (Old) Precision with numbers: 1. Beg 3.3333 3BV/s: 2. Beg 9 sec flat, 2.0000 3BV/s with 69% eff (nice): 3. 22.2222 3BV/s: 4. L2 Endurance 69th game 22.222 sec: 5. 3 sec flat, 5.0000 3BV/s: 6. Beg 4.4444 3BV/s: 7. Another 5.0000 3BV/s: 8. Easy NG 4.4444 3BV/s (bad number cuz 4 in Chinese is ‘die’), 0.8888 IOE (good number cuz 8 in Chinese is lucky), 5.0000 CL/s (neutral number), all with precision lol: 9. Easy NG 2.2222 3BV/s: 10. Int 22.222 sec: 11. Died at 1.000 lol: 12. 10.000 sec beginner: 13. 69.696 sec expert: 14. 33.333 sec intermediate: 15. 10.000 sec beginner (2): 16. 77.777 sec expert: Insane and clutch skills: 1. Insane 50/50 skillllllllz (failed one at the end lol): 2. Clutch expert ending (start at 2:40): 3. Sophisticated triple luck (1/8 chance all succeed): 4. Instantaneous zapping click: 5. Instantaneous win: 6. Win with 7 50/50s wtf: 7. Watch the replay: 8. 0.8% blast: 9. Diagonal spam: 10. 7 50/50s, survived 6 and died to the last one: Special and weird tickets and games: 1. 7 in int: 2. 30x24/718 success: 3. Even faster: 4. 6969th beginner win: 5. Double 7 in expert: 6. Get L3 NF ticket while playing L3 NF: 7. Simultaneous tickets (00:28): 8. First 8 after 700 trophies: 9. Long L shape tunnel with L5 ice: 10. 4 cross fail (symmetry fail): 11. Literally 1K diff first attempt: 12. 8 in 100K (failed tho cuz of 50/50): 13. 8 in expert (with double tickets): 14. First click ticket: 15. 8 in 100K (2): 16. First click ticket (2): 17. Two tickets in one game: 18. 8 in evil NG (triple drop lol): 19. 8 in expert again (with triple tickets): 20. 8 in expert (double drop): 21. Two tickets in one game (2): 22. Two tickets in one game (3) (Normal + Flower): 23. Two tickets in one game (4) (Normal + Flower): 24. 6969th intermediate win: 25. Two L6 flower tickets in the same game: 26. L6 ticket in beginner: 27. Three tickets in one game: 28. Three tickets in one game (2): 29. 8 in expert (triple + flower): 30. Funny start and big brain end: 31. Two tickets on the same cell (not 8): 32. Two L2 normal tickets in the same expert game: 33. First click ticket and last click ticket, both being the same type and adjacent to each other: 34. Three golden cells in one expert game: ~ Part 4: Other stuff ~ My hobbies: Minesweeper: a sophisticated sweeper, quite fast, being very nice to others in chat, very chatty, send a lot of messages, somebody thinks I’m annoying (I’m so sorry), gave EWQ 69 coins as gift (nice) Mario: holds what I believe WR score (actually no just kidding) in Super Mario Run Toad Rally, score 1526, it’s so sophisticated, like playing SMB1, speedrun any% pb 6:40 (so slow lol), can’t beat warpless SMB1 f Cubing: a sub 10 cuber (people who solve Rubik’s cube fast), currently averaging around 10 seconds quite consistently, pb 5.557 (sub 6!!!) with OLL skip so insane, method: CFOP, full OLL and PLL, ok F2L and cross, but my TPS really suck (although I am actually practicing and becoming better :) ) Cool video: Joined on 21/09/2021 Thanks for visiting my profile ;)   

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