Help Achievements

Achievements are given to the player when certain events happen or criteria is fulfilled. Some achievements are meant to make the player feel invested in the game. Others are meant to guide the player to use different strategies and optional game mechanics.

AchievementRequirementsMy progressAwarded
Resident  ResidentSpend 50 hours playing your favorite game0 / 5026620
Survivor  SurvivorTake part in 5 seasons38887
Enthusiast  EnthusiastEarn 10 000 experience points during the day41153
Optimizer  OptimizerWin 50 games with no flags20274
Apprentice  ApprenticeWin 50 Beginner level games30417
Adept  AdeptWin 50 Intermediate level games20884
Master  MasterWin 50 Expert level games21980
Genius  GeniusWin 50 Hard or Evil NG games7273
Veteran  VeteranEarn 10 000 minecoins25053
Fanatic  FanaticWin a game on the biggest custom map (80x80 999 mines)5763
Guru  GuruWin 10 out of 100 Expert level games27973
Sage  SageWin 10 Beginner level games in a row19474
Marathoner  MarathonerWin 100 Beginner, Intermediate or Expert level games within 24 hours12902
Gladiator  GladiatorEarn 10 arena points3492
Sniper  SniperWin an Expert level game with an efficiency of 100% or above2094
Soldier of Fortune  Soldier of FortuneWin a game with difficulty level set to 1000 or more3786
Hero  HeroEarn 1 million experience points3737
VIP  VIPMake a generous donation or help with project development634