Help Ranks

Rank represents the player's position within the hierarchy of players. The higher the rank, the higher arena tickets the player can find, and the higher quests the player can receive. To get a new rank you have to earn a certain amount of trophies:

1RookieL1L11 809 508
100PrivateL1-2L1-2131 567
200SergeantL1-3L2-324 848
300LieutenantL1-4L2-46 240
400CaptainL1-5L3-52 854
500MajorL1-6L3-61 770
600ColonelL1-7L4-71 112
700Brigadier GeneralL1-8L4-8726
800Major GeneralL5-9374
900Lieutenant GeneralL5-10137
1000General of the ArmyL6-1148
1100 Field MarshalL6-128