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[S91] julio de 2023
Fun fact: Elite nightmare arenas don't just double the games and call it a day, as the win probability decreases and represents the range games can have! This is why you never see 30.01-35% win probability games in L8E nightmare, but you still see them in L8 nightmare! Likewise, you'll never encounter a 20-24.99% win probability game in L8, but you will find them in L8E. Use whatever pronouns you want for me, just don't get mad at anyone for not using he/him when talking about me Remember to push your limits, you may never know what you can truly accomplish. My first 8 I've ever found! I'm grinding for J-series perfect equipment, help me out if you want to! Current progress: i basically never update this, if you want accurate stats just look at my resources I also have near-perfect torpedoes in my equipment shop (0PPPI-S), trade your sapphires for my gems (excluding topaz and jade). Here are some of my biggest and/or favorite friend quests I got this season: L19E - Earn 5700 minecoins in games (by PhanthomPhreak) L16E - Earn 192 honor points (by PhanthomPhreak and Archer0930) L18E - Earn 90 arena coins (by AlexBer) L15E - Find 22 gems in games (by Anonymous15133036) L14E - Find 20 gems in games (by Sileair) L33 - Win 7 Intermediate level games with 110% or more efficiency (by SweeperZero) L18E - Win 5 Expert level games with 100% or more efficiency (by Raca1957) L14E - Win 12 Expert level games (by nellok) L39 - Find 20 gems in games (by SweeperZero) L22E - Earn 6600 minecoins in games (by Sirusc) L11E and L12E - Win 15 Evil NG level games (by kostebek and He's a baby) L16E - Win 24 Hard NG level games (by Mauro Pituello) L13E - Win 15 Evil NG level games (by minetrigger) L23E - Win 16 Evil NG level games with no flags (by Wirges) L22E - Win 12 Expert level games with no flags (by Hihii) L10E - Complete L5 Hardcore arena (by mineDstar) L13E - Find 18 gems in games (by PhanthomPhreak) L17E - Win 15 Expert level games (by Manvill) ...and many more. I could keep going, but this list has gone on for far too long already. Best 74x54/971 attempts: 97.48% (1634/1670 3BV) 78.8% (1357/1722 3BV) 75.08% (1302/1734 3BV) 68.39% (1173/1715 3BV) 63.83% (1052/1648 3BV) Trophy Milestones: 777 trophies - 11 Dec 2022, 22:59 UTC 900 trophies - 21 May 2023, 21:19 UTC 950 trophies - 23 June 2023, 2:30 UTC 2023 Goals: 2 pieces of perfect equipment Sub 55 on Expert Solve a 100k+ board (74x54/971) 1000 trophies 60 arena points 45+ Expert mastery Other goals: Full perfect equipment Sub 50 on Expert 1050 trophies 70 arena points 48+ Expert mastery without hints 9+ Expert winstreak or a 35+ Intermediate winstreak A better computer so I can actually play 100x100 boards My 777th expert board win! - One correct guess solves the rest of the board, try to find it without using a hint - Funny bug I saw in replay mode (original game wasn't mine) - A handful of my expert games go like this This board had potential for 215% efficiency (original game wasn't mine) - Here are some interesting moments in my career! Double 7 in the shape of a 2 - First high difficulty board (3rd try) - First try on a 2000 difficulty board - First game with 2 or more topaz at once - First level 7 arena ticket - Probably the first time I've seen an 8 on a <25% density board. Sadly I never got to open it because I lost on my third click :( This one is even worse... ================================================== Here's a catalog of my worst losses for some reason! 106 3BV expert board (I didn't react to the mine :/) I didn't think of going for the 50/50 breaker and missed an 8. I deserved to blast for doing that... Blasted to a 15% mine with less than 100 3BV left Besides a 50/50 and a 33+25, this game could've been my 5K board as well -2 subz missed because I guessed wrong (-3 potential from an incorrect opening guess) A 50/50? Here, let me throw the 6 winstreak for you earlier instead ==================================================   

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