Efficiency (en)

Efficiency is the 3BV of a board divided by the number of clicks used to solve it. The less clicks used, the higher the efficiency. An Efficiency of 100% means you solved a 3BV 50 board in 50 clicks.

The only way to gain efficiency is to chord. Efficiency is lost by placing flags, wasting clicks, or clicking cells that would be revealed by an opening. By combining NF technique and smart chording you can get more than 100% efficiency.

Here are some examples:

Classic chord. With two clicks you can open 3 cells.
Here, if you apply the pattern 1–2, you can open 4 cells.
If you think several moves ahead, one chord can open 5 or more cells.

A good way to learn is to watch best efficiency arena gameplay:

TWPTTACGfansArenaEficiência L8
CNPTYArenaEficiência L7
CNpauvArenaEficiência L6
KR졸린곰ArenaEficiência L5
CNPTYArenaEficiência L4
JPchcArenaEficiência L3
ITBaldi99ArenaEficiência L2
ILtrckui11ArenaEficiência L1

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