Events are held every month, lasting from the 4th (00:00 UTC) till the end of the month. Each event offers a different way to earn event points, which is a unique type of currency. These event points can be spent in the event shop. The total amount of event points you have earned for the month can be seen on the event leaderboard; you can also see this number on your profile.

The event shop offers valuable items that you can buy using your event points. These items range from gems and tickets to equipment of various qualities. The event shop will stay open until the start of the next event (3 days after the conclusion of the most recent event), at which time all unspent event points are automatically converted to minecoins.

A championship takes place in the second half of each month. Each championship lasts for 3 days, and focuses on a specific style of play (e.g., speed, efficiency). Each player's best performance is displayed on the leaderboard; at the end of the championship, event points are awarded based on your final rank on the leaderboard. They will be awarded within a few days of the championship’s conclusion.

Flower festival [S77]

This month, you have a chance to find a special kind of arena ticket! appear just like regular tickets, only they have a different color. These tickets allow you to play special arenas with unique challenges and/or with special gameboard skins (no numbers, random colours, etc). You are rewarded with event points at the end of the arena. Before starting, we recommend you inspect all possible skins by selecting them in the settings page.

Additionally, event points drop in all game modes, as detailed in the table below:
FlowerLocationGame styleProbability
Marigold MarigoldStandard mode, standard difficultyEfficiency
5 x CEff
Rose RoseSpeed, FL
0.005 x 3BV/s x Difficulty
Forget-me-not Forget-me-notSpeed, NF
0.005 x 3BV/s x Difficulty
Violet VioletWin streak
5 x CWS
Iris IrisStandard mode, high difficultyHigh difficulty
0.005 x Difficulty
0.00025 x Solved 3BV
Chrysanthemum ChrysanthemumNo guessing mode
0.015 x Difficulty
Lily LilyAll modesWins
Tulip TulipQuests
Jasmine JasmineArena
5 x (CEff + CS + CWS + CHD + CNG + CW)