Website rules

Game rules

It is cheating to:

  • Use any program that can perform clicks on a board or help to solve the game (eg. macro, autoclicker, board analyzer).
  • Use unfair prior knowledge about the board.
  • Manipulate the connection to the site in any way to gain an advantage.

Chat rules

Please be respectful to others in the chat, and use the appropriate language for each chat. Do not:

  • Spam.
  • Insult others.
  • Swear excessively.
  • Use ALL CAPS.
  • Beg. This includes asking for free stuff, or for players to sell items below market price.
  • Evade chat bans (using other methods to communicate in chat after being banned).

You must be at least 13 years old to use chat. If you know that a user under the age of 13 is using chat, please contact game masters.

Other rules

  • One account per player.
  • Equipment cannot be shared between multiple accounts.
  • Don’t offer unfair exchanges.
  • It is prohibited to sell resources for real life money.
  • No offensive usernames.
  • Report any exploits found to

This list is not exhaustive. Game masters reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.