Arena (en)

Arena is a game mode where the player must solve a set of boards within a limited amount of time. To start an arena, you need to find or buy an arena ticket. There are 10 types of arenas, each with 8 levels:

DescripciónTermina 5 partidas con una complejidad 5-10 en 15 minutos.
Recompensa+1⚔️  +500⭐  +50🟡  +10📀  +1⚡  

Arena points is the sum of the highest level of each type that you have completed, for a maximum of 80 points.

Arena tickets can be found while playing any game, they appear as golden cells. There are a few rules:

  • They can be found in all game modes.
  • The level of the ticket you find matches the number of the cell.
  • You do not need to win the game to get the ticket.
  • It requires a higher rank to get higher level tickets, as shown on the ranks page.
  • Tickets cannot be found on openings.
  • To get a ticket there is a restriction that the mine density of the board must be less than or equal to 33%. This is to prevent ticket farming on extremely high density boards that guarantee 8s. Any normal game will have less than 33% mine density, even most high difficulty boards.

The chance of a cell being a ticket depends on the number:


Arena ticket drop rate on custom boards depends on the mine density:

Mine density Drop chance
25% and below 1x
26% 0.8x
27% 0.6x
28% 0.5x
29% 0.4x
30% 0.3x
31% 0.2x
32% 0.1x
33% and above 0%